An Extraordinary Pirate Adventure

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Ahoy, me Hearties! Welcome to Blackbeard's Traveling Pirate Party!  We are an upscale, full-service TRAVELING pirate adventure for your little Buccaneer's birthday or celebration.  We transform your backyard (if suitable) or local park into an amazing pirate island adventure. And since we take care of all the details from the invites down to the guest's goody bags, parents can relax and enjoy their child's day just as much as he/she will! 

Complete with a traveling 30-foot wooden pirate ship (The Swashbuckler), your child and his/her guests will:

  • Join our Pirate Academy and be transformed into their favorite pirate (face painting, bandanas, eye patch etc.)

  • Join Blackbeard & his First Mate, Smitty, on a high-seas adventure complete with an action adventure tale sure to please young pirates

  • Have a blast launching life-like cannons and learning valuable pirate skills such as walk the plank, tug of war, and rope toss

  • Have a swashbuckling good time eating lunch on the deck of our life-size pirate ship and pillaging our sweets buffet treasure chest 


The Swashbuckler has been designed to be assembled and disassembled within hours at any location your land lovin' heart desires.  Whether at your home or a local park, she will set sail and make your child's celebration one to remember.

Blackbeard and his first mate - smitty - PHoto by Natasha Sadikin

Her sails come down from a vertical position to a horizontal position to cover the kids while they eat/play and protect them from the sun.

Our cannons really work!  The kids get to pull on a rope in the back of the cannons which fires smoke, makes a big cannon blast and the barrel lights up red from the inside!  Photo By Natasha Sadikin

Our pirate booty not only consists of jewels and gold, but 8 different types of candy, as well as cupcakes and cookies!  Photo BY Natasha Sadikin

Photo by - Natasha Sadikin

ON pirate island we have 8 different types of candy, cupcakes and cookies!

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